Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Watchlist for 6/24/15

Low volume summer trading making it more important to try and enter at a stock's first support or resistance zones to ride the trend.
DNKN- Broke it's range. Like to see a dip at the open and a red to green.
ADT- Cont. lower. A pop to the $35.50 area would be a good short entry.
SRPT- May get a quick short if it gaps up and fails. 39% of the short is float so could squeeze higher.
FEYE- Over $53 could get it going again.
SGYP- In the bounce zone. May need to pull back closer to $7.50 first.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Watchlist for 6/9/15

Another pullback day in the S&P. Now in oversold territory so we'll look to see if we get a gap up/bounce tomorrow, which could give oversold stocks a bounce as well, or further weekness.

ZIOP- Got some volume today and moved above the 100dma. 25% of the float is short so we may see further upside in the form of a short squeeze. See if it holds $10.10.
AXN- Big PR and up huge after hours. Check in pre market
YELP- Broke below moving averages today. Short on a green to red move or a gap down in a weak market. First target $44.80.
ADXS-  Pulled back to the 8ema Monday. May get a bounce there with a market bounce.
FSLR- Some good movement on this lately in a range. Down near key support now at $49.50. See if it bounces there or breaks it to start a new down trend.
KORS- This one has been rounding down and is at a support area at $48. If it opens lower and holds below, I'll be short. It it opens flat or gaps up and pulls back I'll look for buyers to come in for a bounce.
GEVO- A lot of folks are watching this one for a PR pop. Each day it gets neat $3.60 it seems to find some juice. Looking for the same Tuesday.
YHOO- Every pop has been sold lately. Getting really oversold. Watching for a quick bounce.
MNKD- Big short squeeze in effect. See if it has more on a move over $7.35.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Watchlist for 6/5/15

Pull back day in the S&P to end the day right around the 50dma. No telling where we go from here so we need a plan for an up or down day Friday. Employment rate and Payroll comes out at 8:30am eastern.

KORS- Had this on the watchlist to short at it's upper trend line today. After tapping that line for two days it finally broke out in the afternoon. Looking for higher and a run to the 8ema at $50.50. Maybe a red-green move.
FSLR- The downward pressure continues. Below $49.40 can trigger stops and send it lower.
GEVO- Started coming out of it's range and tried to go a few times today. $4.05 is holding it down. I'll be a buyer if it can hold $3.60.
VLTC- This one likes to fade and that's what it did today. If it can hold $7.60 it might bounce. If that fails and it fails the 50dma it may be a nice short.
ESI- Looking for a bounce at $4 which is also the 8 ema.
YOKU- It's been held down by $30 - $30.10 for 2 1/2 days now. Looking to see if it can get over or if we should just keep shorting it there.
NAV- Down on earnings today. Looking for a green-red move or, if it opens down, a break down of $24.40.
FEYE- I was initially looking at it to break below the trend line that it's been riding for the last few days as it starting to get away from the 8 ema. But it's up AH so that TL may become support again if it fades off the open.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Watchlist for 6/3/15

Yet another range bound day for the S&P as it couldn't break down or break out. Some bounce plays working but may be running out of steam. We'll be looking to see if some of them continue or find resistance and pull back.

RXDX- After 2 big up days we're looking for some weakness. Maybe a short against $17 or on a green-red move on the open.
ANF- Couldn't break above the 50dma and closed below the 20dma . 40% of the float is short so if it holds up it may get a squeeze higher.
HRTX- Similar to RXDX. It's up near highs after hours so it may get a squeeze Wednesday.
X- Popped out of its range today. Has a high short float so it may head higher but there is major resistance at $26.50. May look for a short there.
TTWO- Forming a nice flag after getting an upgrade. Watching it over $27.65.
JCP- Another one with lots of shorts in it that moved higher today with a nice engulfing candle. If the squeeze is truly on I will look to get long over $8.80 for a quick trade only.
KORS- Off the blog from yesterday it gave us a nice move. If it breaks above $48.75 if could run to $50. Watching it for resistance there.
FSLR- Worked pretty much as planned from yesterday's post. Looking for the same type of move again Wednesday with $50.70 support.
AMCC- Up 8% today. Over $7 could send it higher which is where it is after hours. $7.40 target.
ZAGG- Over $10.30 for continuation.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Watchlist for 6/2/15

Another inside type day for the S&P as it closes between some moving averages. Bulls and Bears are still vying for control. Until that's sorted out we'll focus on technical set ups and stocks with catalysts.

TEX- Started a bottoming type move Monday. Could get continuation over $25.20. If it fails there I'll be looking for lower.
KORS- Moved as we hoped it would from Monday's post. If it can hold over $47.50 we may get a run to $49.
CBI- Continued it's bounce off of the 20 dma and closed above the 8. Looking for higher maybe with a red/green move or a bounce off $55. Target $56.70 and $57.80.
FSLR- Started a bit of a bounce today. If it opens weak I may look to buy against the low of $49.25 or if it opens strong over $50.20 area.
DECK- Weak bounce Monday. Looking for a short below $68.30.
WDAY- Oversold bounce started. My continue to run over $79.50.
TTWO- Flagging for a move over $27.40.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Watchlist for 6/1/15

Back to a bit of choppyness in the market. Watching a few stocks that have been beaten down to see if they can bounce or go lower depending on what the market does Monday.

FSLR- Broke below the range formed after it was downgraded last week and filled a big gap. It's also in extreme oversold territory. Watching how it acts at the open for a potential bounce.
SWFT- Transports have been hit hard lately. This one based all day on Friday so I'm watching to see it it can push above $23.40 on a bounce or it it just gets sold off again.
JCP- It's a thick retail name without a ton of range but it likes to bounce when it's oversold. Sitting on the 20 and 50 dmas now so we'll see if it can get a run over $8.65 or drop on a push below $8.50.
TBIO- Heavily traded name from Friday on news. It was also heavily shorted. It's close to the 200 dma so watching for a bounce there of drop below on it's day 2.
DECK- Friday was it's day 1 down after and earnings miss. Looking for a green to red type move for more down side.
WDAY-  Another extremely oversold name for a bounce.
KORS- Had a few down days after earnings and started a possible bounce Friday. Let's see it it continues or goes lower.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Watchlist for 5/11/5

BRKR- Two nice up days on earnings and now overbought. Maybe one more push higher before setting up for a short.

X- Finally closed over the 50dma. See if it can hold here and clear the 100dma as well.

BGC- If it can clear the $18.50 range it can run.

CALA- High volume move on earnings. Let's see what it does at the 50dma here.

GEVO- 200dma bounce setting up.

SFM- Earning miss. Looking for a second day move lower on a green to red move.